At long last, I’m formally making my return to game development. I’ve been slowly planning this return for some time and I’m excited to get back into it under a new moniker.

My goal going forward is to experiment with creating games with twists on existing formulas or entirely new formulas, as well as to attempt the use of niche programming languages that don’t see much use in game development. So much of game development is imperative-oriented. What little of it isn’t is primarily object-oriented (but not in the Smalltalk sense).

And so, I hope to explore alternative methods of game development using a different set of languages. The current plan is to make my Forever Project™, AristocracyMUD, a collection of services in different languages, each chosen for a specific task.

By doing this, I mostly hope to build a toolchain for myself that I perhaps find a bit more enjoyable, but I also hope to identify key components of game development that might be better suited to languages in different paradigms. However, mostly importantly, going outside of the mainstream is simply fun.

As I begin to build alternative tools and toolchains, you can expect to see plenty of posts about my experiences with various languages here, alongside posts about game design and development, so be sure to check back often.

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